Let's repaint the earth with a picture of children

The basics of KIDS EARTH FUND is to meet children who has trauma by a dispute or a disaster directly, and paint pictures in together. Through such an experience to express oneself, children is able to save somebody. We wish children to learn "the meaning of living" even if it is too hard for them.
Even if we ask nothing, children begin to talk and express by drawing a picture.

Artworks which children drew are exhibited in museums of the whole world, and it is appointed as the designs of various articles such as a calendar and a Christmas card, a label of the wine by a support company, and it is also sent to a stricken area and the poverty area to encourage a child holding a gloomy feeling.

Children can help, and children notice their worth of living and get confidence of themselves.
This is the activity "Kids Helping Kids"

At KIDS EARTH HOME in Croatia, we met the bitterly lacking picture which the boy who lost a family by a civil war drew. However, we're glad to see the same boy drew a beautiful picture brightly. The picture coming out of obedient sensitivity of the child is filled with power to live. They can move adults and become the message changing society.

Proceedings from sales of all items are used for children in the world through KIDS EARTH FUND.